Take control of your finances


Clients nominate to be invoiced weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.
Clients may be set up for individual invoicing terms (ie: contracts created just for them).
Where a client has sub-branches, they may be invoiced according to a hierarchy of accounts.
Individual invoices may be printed or emailed.
Locking an invoice carries the transaction to "Debtors." Once locked, details of the invoice can no longer be changed. New transactions will then automatically create a new invoice.


Displays all clients with outstanding debts.
Debt history for the past 90 days is displayed on the screen.
Booking details may be reviewed.
Icons indicate late payments.
Incoming payments are applied to the client's balance.


Handles cash allocation of client payments to client debts.
Debts are adjusted automatically following an entry into Receivables.

Reverse Invoice Generation

All transactions performed can be collected together and printed as a reverse invoice.

Cost Reconciliation

Efficiently verify all bills coming back from service providers against your transaction records.

Export to Existing Accounting Packages

Our accounting module can export your data to any existing accounting packages in use, such as MYOB.

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