Parcel Dispatch & Tracking

Our parcel dispatch and tracking software (Whirlpool) is quick and easy to use. It calculates your freight shipping costs and will then track and trace your freight automatically. In addition, it will also allow you to compare costing between freight carriers, readily handling all types of freight movement. Your booking can then be made within the costing screen without duplicating data entry.

Whirlpool will exchange information with your existing software, simplifying your communications with internal and external agencies. Optional accounting modules put you in control of your finances.


Processing for multiple freight carriers
No need to lock into one freight carrier
Freight tracking
Via email or the internet
Freight costing and cost comparisons
Compare rates and save on shipping expenses
Electronic booking requests
Customised Screen Designs
Build screens for different types of freight
High speed data entry
For high volume mail
Internal recharging of costs
Electronic scales
Upload the parcel weight from your scales
Cost reconciliation
Create Hierarchies
Internal cost centres may be set up in a hierarchy
Reverse invoices
Consolidate freight
Connote Printing
Print connotes directly from the system
Label Printing
Print directly to your label printer
Create zones for local, state, international freight
Customise to suit your needs
Reports, graphing templates and menus, can easily be customised
Optional accounting modules are available
Single parcel identification

Compare freight carrier costs and save!

Whirlpool includes RatingWizard, a freight calculator that gives you the power to quickly and easily cost freight for any transport company, using any rating system, to anywhere in the world. Simply upload your freight carrier rates and start comparing costs.

Customise Data Entry Screens and Reports

Streamline data entry with data entry screens that are designed to be customised at installation to meet your processing needs.

Create different screens for each type of freight processing used by your company.
The system tracks how a transaction was originally entered.
Reports may also be customised.
Graphing templates offer an alternative method of reporting.
Components are included to building interfaces for: mailrooms, mail houses, dispatch docks & freight forwarders.

Track & Trace

Data Transfers

Whirlpool can be used to send booking requests via the internet to LABERG's Transport Management System (Titan) module or any other company who offers web interfaces. Transaction data and pickup requests may be transferred in this way and then processed by the Titan module. Automated electronic transfers can take care of the internal transfer of freight information throughout your organization.

Internal Status Updates

Using your intranet, the status of bookings becomes available throughout your organization. We provide a web-based track and trace screen that allows people within your company to easily query the status of consignment, reducing the number of queries your transport department has to process. Because our system is communicating with your providers, one interface will provide track and trace regardless of which company is moving the goods.

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