Customised Screens

Data Entry Screen Design

Data entry screens have been constructed to be customised to precisely fit the needs of your company.
Custom build your layouts rapidly at the time of installation.
Create a different screen for each type of freight processing conducted by your company.
The system tracks how transactions were originally entered.
Minimise training costs by using just one system that will report across all types of freight movements.


Each system offers you a host of reports. Alternatively, you can easily custom build reports to meet the needs of your business. You may enhance your reports with:

Data Dictionaries
Our database design is open and documented.
Extending existing reports by adding queries.
Query Language
Each system offers a built-in query language.
Customised Output
Output to printer, screen preview, html, email, fax, excel or word.

Graphing Templates

Graphs are offered as an alternative method of reporting. The graphing templates provide you with a graph generator that may be customised to fit your needs.

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