Transport Management
Booking Solutions

Titan gives you the flexibility to choose from three booking solutions:

  1. Data Entry
  2. Client Onsite Systems (such as Comet)
  3. Web Bookings

1. Data Entry

Data entry is used for bookings made over the phone. No single screen design will work in all freight situations so we have developed a rapid screen design facility to quickly customise our data entry screens to better meet your needs. A booking may be entered as either a standard booking or a distribution run:

Distribution Run

A distribution run is a booking that has one pickup location and one or more independent drops. EG: Newspaper pickup with delivery to several different newsagencies.

Standard Bookings

The standard booking screen is available for all bookings aside from distributions runs.

2. Client Onsite Systems: Comet

Bookings may be received through a system installed at your client's site using an onsite system, such as Comet. Bookings and lodgements are received electronically, reducing data entry. More on Comet

3. Internet Bookings: Helix

Offering an online booking system will allow you to maintain a high level of customer service and significantly cut your customer service costs. Whether your company deals with high numbers bookings or just a few, Helix is the solution you are looking for. We can provide onsite or hosted website solutions. More on Helix


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