Transport Management
Customer Service

Screens designed for speed and ease of use

Customer service screens have been optimised for route management to provide you with the ultimate flexibility in managing freight in transit. Routes are displayed graphically and can easily be modified using a "drag and drop" system. Alternatively, the keyboard may be used for rapid data entry. Unlike other systems, routes can be viewed and modified all within the one screen. You won't waste time to opening additional screens.

Maintain the highest level of customer service and reduce your costs at the same time by utilising automated services along with your consultant services.

Consultant Services

Consultant services are services performed by a customer services officer in response to a direct customer enquiry. A number of options are available to maximise efficiency:

Customer service screens:
  • Optimised for data entry
  • Routes may be viewed and modified within the one screen
  • Standard bookings are displayed graphically
  • Stages are easily modified using "drag & drop" or keyboard entry
  • Quickly accessed within any screen where bookings are listed
Internal Chat Sessions:

Internal messaging is a fast, effective way to solve booking queries and track interactions for future reference. A Chat log is attached to your data for simple and fast messaging within the office. Your staff can send messages regarding bookings and invite individuals or work groups, such as customer service and dispatch operations. Messages are linked to bookings and historically tracked.

  • Workstation messaging sessions with notifications
  • Chats relate to specific jobs, usually bookings
  • A full record of intra-office booking related chats is saved in the system
  • The Chat icon appears on the screen at all times and can be opened at any time
  • Chat can be accessed within any screen
  • The Chat icon changes to alert you when a message is posted
  • Staff members or groups can be invited to join a messaging session

View Vehicle Load

A customer service officer may view all freight that a driver has on board that may affect the delivery status of a particular booking.

Search menus

Easily access the data you need with extensive search menus:

  • Search bookings
  • Search transactions
  • Search booking by client

Automated services

Automated services are those services conducted automatically by the software. These services keep the client informed regarding the status of their freight whilst significantly reducing the demands on your customer service staff. Automated track and trace services include:

  • Email notifications: When a pickup or delivery is made, an email is sent automatically to the client regarding the status of their freight.
  • Internet status and reports: The status of bookings may be posted on the internet where clients can access this information by logging onto the website.
  • Freight Status Updates: Where a client wishes to receive status updates but does not have access to email or the internet, an automated message may be sent to customer service staff requesting that they call the client with the status update.