Transport Management

The Transport Management System makes freight dispatch easy. Using an advanced interface we have made it simple for bookings to be allocated to vehicles. Even in situations of high volumes and complex vehicle management requirements, this interface remains simple to use. Features such as tree displays, colour coding, status icons and "drag and drop" make the whole process simple, fast and powerful. Keyboard entry is also available for rapid data modifications.


  • Manage critical allocation times
  • Optional "Drag and Drop" allocation
  • Create temporary runs
  • Manage multiple radio channels
  • Manage multiple dispatch operators
  • Colour coding and graphics highlight problems
  • Review allocated freight and transfer freight between vehicles without exiting the screen
  • Filters and sorting buttons give you total control over screen display
  • Unlimited capacity

When jobs are dispatched, messages are automatically sent to drivers. As jobs are completed, the depot is notified and an automated status update can be sent to clients via email or the internet. When a client does not have access to email or the internet, customer service can receive an automated status update with a request to contact the client, along with client contact details.


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