Risk management software that gives your business claim tracking capabilities in freight, motor vehicle and general insurance. Contact us to find out more.

General Insurance Claims

Trojan General Claims allows your company to process claims for all general incidents and accidents.

Claim categories include:

Property damage
Public liability
Fire damage

Other categories may be added according to the needs of your company.

This module may also be integrated the following modules:

As with all LABERG applications, data entry screens have been designed for data entry speed and accuracy. An entire claim is entered within one screen, and all actions and financial details are tracked automatically. All necessary details are captured by the system and can easily be retrieved for review and updating. Answering phone enquiries and providing follow up action is simple with all claim information instantly available at your fingertips.

Risk Management System Features:

All actions on claims are tracked automatically
Full financial audit trailing is automatic
Payments, recoveries
Mail merging of MS Word letter
Cross-divisional multi-line Risk Management
Financial reporting
Monthly divisional reports
Document scanning & storage of documents online
Reports can be exported using PDF format & transferred electronically

System Overview

Document Scanning

Scan and store documents online
Data capture can be applied against documents
Documents & images can be associated with an ID
Secure web-based sharing of images & data by project
All data is stored in SQL format
Use a desktop scanner, tablet or mobile phone to capture images
QR codes used as a gateway for attaching documents & associated data


Monthly divisional reports
Can be exported using PDF format and transferred electronically
Extensive reports available
Customise your reports


Screens are designed for rapid data entry
Automated processes utilised wherever possible
All claims are processed within one comprehensive screen
All claim information instantly available at your fingertips


Detailed online help
Personal training sessions available (charged at an hourly rate).


The system caters for multiple divisions.


Users and user groups control access to information within the system.

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