Capture a POD & Transfer To Your Desktop Computer.

Indicar is a desktop application that receives your POD from our Trapeez mobile app, converts it into a PDF and stores it:

POD captured by Trapeez
File sent to Indicar
Converted To PDF
File Stored On Your Desktop

When you first start you are presented with an interface similar to this one:

This screen shows the files in the folder where Indicar was opened.

  • Click the Settings menu.
  • Write down the IP address and the desktop port.
  • If more than one IP address is listed try the first one.
  • Now on your smartphone enter these into the config page under the desktop option.

Every time you restart the computer you will have to do this, unless your computer is setup with a permanent IP address. For more information see Technical Details below.


You can navigate to different folders by either double clicking a displayed folder or by clicking the name of the parent folder.

Transfer images

In Trapeez when you click Send the images will transfer into the current directory displayed in Indicar.

Displaying images

By default when the images are transferred from the device, they will be converted into PDF form. To select a file you may click or double click it. A double click will load the file in a separate window. Selecting a file from the directory by a single click will display the PDF as shown below;


Problem Solution
Can't transfer Check that the IP address has not changed. Click the settings menu in Indicar and look at the IP address then check that the same value is in the Trapeez app.
Check that the port has not been changed. Click the settings menu in Indicar then check that the same value is in the Trapeez app.
Check that the port is not blocked by the firewall
Verify the computer has access to the network (load a web page)
Verify that the Trapeez device has access to the network. If using a USB cable the device should appear in Windows explorer.
If using WiFi verify that the Trapeez device has WiFi turned on.
Files transfer but don't show Check the current directory, Indicar will not work on the root directory of a drive.

Technical details

There are 2 settings that are required for the Trapeez app to find Indicar on your network:

  1. IP address: Every computer has a unique address called an "IP address". Indicar will indicate what your computer's IP address is under the Settings menu. This address may change depending on your network setup. It is best if your computer is allocated a permanent IP address so that it doesn't change every time the computer is started. For more information speak to your network administrator.
  2. Port:There can be many applications running on a computer. The port separates them from each other. It is possible that a port can be blocked in your computers firewall.

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