Trapeez Runsheet
A suite of applications to simplify the delivery of your goods


Trapeez Runsheet is a simple but very powerful way to generate a runsheet for a delivery run:

A Spreadsheet With A Difference

Google Hosting
Trapeez Runsheet is hosted on Google Drive so it is easily shared with anyone you choose.
Google Sheets
Runsheets are created using Google Spreadsheets which are easy to use and free.
Integrates with Trapeez
Optimized to generate runsheets for our Trapeez mobile POD app.
QR Codes Plus Map Coordinates
Trapeez Runsheets will generate QR codes that have the job number AND the map co-ordinates of the delivery location.
Route Optimisation
You have the option to optimise your route.
Individual Driver Sheets
A runsheet is created for each driver. Runsheets are generated automatically.
Minimise data entry

This Google Runsheet addon is optional with the Trapeez mobile app, but it is recommended for small to medium dispatch operations.

QR Codes

  • As you enter the job details a QR code will be generated.
  • The QR code includes information that our Trapeez mobile app uses to display the map location to the driver.
  • Trapeez Runsheets can be fully integrated with our server storage and sharing platform Celos. When you include a Celos URL and project ID, the QR codes are Celos compatible.

Route Optimisation

Optimising your route is simple:

Enter Addresses
Enter all delivery addresses
Drivers Sheet
Select the driver's runsheet
Select Trapeez
Then select Trapeez
Show Map
Show map to optimize the route

The map above shows the optimized round trip, starting and finishing at the depot. The depot is displayed as E in the image.


Location Setup

After installation, a Trapeez Menu will appear. From the Trapeez Menu:

  • Select Trapeez > Configuration
  • Enter your locale (au, en, us, cn)
  • Enter the details of your depot
  • The depot details are important for routing


During installation, a "Drivers" sheet will be created. This is where drivers will be recorded. An example is shown below:

Driver Runsheets

After entering the driver details:

  • Select Trapeez > Make Runsheets
  • This will create a sheet for every driver
  • The sheet ID will be based on the driver ID. Example: The driver Yaz Erzoy will have a sheet named "YE RunSheet"

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